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Welcome to Blue Sparrow Collective. A place where you can rediscover yourself through reiki healing sessions and handmade artisan jewelry. I have been designing jewelry for over 7 years. What you may not know about me is I’ve been intuitive my whole life. My intuition presents itself as a deep sense of knowing/feeling, and hearing. This wasn’t something I shared with most people. When I would open up in the comfort of friends and family I was often met with love and support. I’ve come to the point in my life where I can no longer keep this part of myself hidden. I’m feeling the call to share my gifts, not only for jewelry design but with my spirituality. And while I plan to expand my intuitive offerings over time I believe offering Reiki sessions is the perfect call. 

If you’re with me for the jewelry only, I thank you very much and you can head straight to the artistry section of the site and shop for the goodies you’ve come to love. If you’re curious about reiki and want to learn more I encourage you to check out that part of the site as well. And if you feel so inclined, sign up for my email list where I occasionally send first to know emails, and specials.