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A walk down memory lane

Nicole Santi

Below is from my Blue Sparrow Artistry "Meet the Maker" page that is no longer published on my new site. So I thought maybe it could live here in this blog forever. 


Hi. I am Niki, owner and creator behind Blue Sparrow Artistry. The woman doing the designing, creating, forging of the sterling silver, choosing beautiful gemstones, photographing, listing, and packaging. And I am thanking my lucky stars I get to be the one doing it for you.

Being a Libra, I feel I’ve always had the creative streak embedded deep within.  Throughout my life, I have loved anything that required assembling beautiful things, whether it be painting, jewelry, or constantly updating my home decor. In January 2016 I had my second child and decided to take some time off of work. It was during this time, I knew I needed to take my passion of making and turn it into a business. Hence, Blue Sparrow Artistry was born.

I was born and raised in Northern Illinois and have lived here the majority of my life. I have also briefly lived in Arizona, experiencing both the desert and then the mountains of Flagstaff. I have a passion for being outside in the sunshine, especially when it includes my husband, two small children and our two rescue pits. It evokes such inspiration. I love the aura that comes from walking through the woods, listening to the leaves rustle in the trees or being near the water. Hearing the ripples crash into the shore. Paddling on the water is another passion of mine. Being up high and watching the fish swim below you is something I crave in the winter months. There is something so serene about pushing the paddle through the water, feeling yourself being propelled, jumping off when the mood strikes. It brings an awareness which reaches down and touches my soul.  These feelings are why I love creating and allowing others to express themselves by wearing my classic everyday wear sterling gemstone jewelry. When you catch of glimpse of it on you, I hope that you smile and remember to free yourself of the daily grind and find the peace within.

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