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Hi. Thank you for choosing to follow along.  I don't know about you, but I love to see the processes that go down behind the curtain. There are only so many words I can put on my social media pictures before people scroll on. Here, on this blog, and in my email list you will get your peek behind the curtain. Why I chose specific gemstones, once I have them what process do they go through before they are brought to fruition. Some entries may simply be a video of me working in my studio, others you can follow along as I re-organize my studio. Getting to see the work space is something I enjoy. Not sure if that is because I am a maker myself or something you may enjoy as well. You can also look for pictures of family. As I am a one woman show here at Blue Sparrow Artistry, I do this for my family. To prove to my children they can do anything they set their little hearts to. Possibilities are endless for their future if they work hard enough. As of right now I work part time as a school bus driver, I have my almost 3 year old with me all day as he comes on the bus with me. I then spend the rest of time balancing Blue Sparrow Artistry with being a mom, a wife, a dog mom to 2 rescued pitties, and a friend. Certain areas certainly take hits here and there but I know that soon, soon this will be what I am doing. There will be no supplemented income, smithing will be my career. So stick around because it's going to a fun ride.

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