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Getting Grounded

And I don't mean getting grounded like we did as kids. I mean feeling physically connected to your body, now in the moment. They say we are three part beings, mind, body, and soul. When all three are in harmony we have the ability to be our fully creative beings working towards not only our goals but helping the collective good. I am an air sign through and through. I spend a lot of my time day dreaming with my heads in the clouds. Its fun and I enjoy it but it doesn't help me in my day to day living. When I discovered just how disconnected from my life I really was, was the day my life changed. For the good. But first lets talk about how I was feeling in those dis-connected moments. 

Really spacey, like I am living in a fog. I couldn't disconnect myself from the problems of others, I took them on as my own when I definitely shouldn't have. It led to resentment. I wasn't feeling like the creative person I normally am. My thoughts raced constantly. I am diagnosed ADD but these thoughts felt different than my normal walk into a room 5 times before I can remember what the hell I went in for in the first place. (Although grounding certainly helps me with that too). But do not go off any meds unless a dr tells you to. I had a lot of anger. That is completely unlike me. I couldn't shake being angry. I began to question the people I had let into my life. I had begun to question it all. Then one day after I exploded on a friend, and later I was recounting the story to someone else and I said the words "I feel I don't know, I feel...disconnected". That word came in and turned a light bulb on. I finally had a name for what I was feeling. This was ground breaking for me. 

Disconnected. Now I could look up and read about all the things I can do to reconnect. I had made a drastic decision. I had cut back on my friendships. Explained that I had a lot of me to work on and that I needed space to do so. When I took a step back I could see how I was creating these problems for myself which affected my relationship with people. I had begun to meditate. Daily. This was huge. It helped me to center my mind, slow it down, open to the moment and receive messages. But sometimes I couldn't get to that place of meditation. My mind wouldn't get on board. Then I had discovered the concept of grounding. Mother Earth (Gaia) holds so much beautiful energy and when we can tap into it, it helps us to be in our body, to be in our body in the moment. 

So here are some things you can do in your day as often as needed to get back into your body and slow those racing thoughts, to help clear away the fog in your brain. 

Walk barefoot on the ground, preferably grass or dirt. We have chakras on the bottoms of our feet and when we walk barefoot we take in earths energy through those chakras. 

Don't want to be barefoot? No problem go outside with shoes and stomp your feet on the earth. Or better yet, go hug a tree. No I am not kidding. You should definitely check for biting bugs/spiders and sticky sap. Hugging a tree makes you very aware that you are in fact hugging a tree which is full of earths energy (and it's own wisdom) and will bring you into the present. 

Prefer to not to get so up close and personal with nature? Eat some dark chocolate or rooted veggies like carrots. 

Exercise/Dance. Nothing brings you back into your body like moving it. So put on your favorite song, sing it loud and get that body moving. 

Wearing or carrying dark stones like black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Hematite

Something that I like to do that works very quickly and is so centering and calming is a meditation. I sit in a comfortable chair with my back supported. You can sit with feet on the floor if it helps. But I am a fan of criss cross applesauce as the kids say these days. I focus on my breathing. I breath all the way down into my belly, hold for a second or two and then slowly release. I do this until I feel more calm. Then I envision roots coming up from the earth's core. They stretch all the way up until they connect with my feet and entangle into my legs and reach my root chakra (which is basically where your butt meets your legs). Then I ask mother earth to let me feel her strength and her loving energy. It's so warm yet so strong. I sit like this as long as I need to. And while I am at it, I also like to do an energetic clearing. I breath in sparkly golden light into my crown chakra (at the top of your head) and then when I breath out I ask that whatever is no longer serving me to led out through my attachment with Gaia for recycling. 

It took me a while to learn how to do this. And I am going to share what gets me there the fastest. When I first begin this exercise it's usually when my thoughts are moving fast. As an empath I take on a lot of energy that isn't mine so I like to connect with earth as often as I need to through out my day. So anyway, as I close my eyes and get comfortable I listen. I try to hear as many sounds as I can. Airplanes flying over, birds chirping, crickets, my neighbors mowing their lawn or working on a project, neighborhood dogs barking. This brings me into the present moment and sets the stage for my meditation. When I am all done I open my eyes and say a thank you. While I am still in the present moment I like to look around at my surroundings as they usually look a bit more vibrant. 

Say you are out and about and you feel yourself getting super spacey and don't have time for this and don't want to go stomp your feet outside? A little trick I have learned along the way is to really look at your surroundings. Try to notice how many colors are around you. Really look at each one. This too will bring your back into the now (present) moment. Which is what grounding really is. It's taking you out of your head (ego) and into your body.  

Obviously Reiki is also something that can really help you get back into your body and address any blockages that may have been building. If you're interested in learning about Reiki please head to this section 

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