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How it begins

Nicole Santi

Some of you wonder how I choose my stones for collections. And truth be told, I haven’t done too many collections. For my brain to sit and create many somethings, such as rings is damn near impossible. It takes many reminders and lots of discipline. 

My brain doesn’t focus on one thing at a time. For example every day I’m hit with such beautiful inspirations. The morning glow that seeps through my blinds as I lie in bed half awake, still dreaming. Nuzzled up all warm and cozy under my blanket. Still reeling in the buzz that I don’t have to get up and “go to work” like I used to. Still amazed and in aw my job is smithing.

As I walk with the kids I take in the beautiful colors of the wild flowers that line our lake neighborhood. The soil surrounding  is so plentiful, the trees seem to tower over above, enchanting us with their dancing shadows at our feet as we walk by. The bright and deep greens of the leaves and grass make the purple, pink, and yellow wildflowers pop. I take them in and my mind goes wild thinking of all the ways I can use those colors to make some really fun combination rings. I think of the beautiful flower resin cabs I have and designs begin to form. 

In the evening, just after the golden hour when the yellows and golds begin to fade, the pinks, oranges, and reds take over the sky. The darkness creeps up at a slow pace and creating  sillhouettes of the trees and rooftops. Inspiration takes flight and in my brain I begin to create a shadow box collection. To bring into existence the beauty I see in the best way I know how. 

Which is where I am now. Creating the shadow box collection. It took the strongest hold on my creativeness and now I am running with it. And while, I sit at my bench and draw, make shapes with my silver wire much like I did with pipe cleaners as a child, designs for my other stones play in my mind. It takes everything to not put what I am working on on hold to chase my other inspirations. 


Do you ever get like this? Lots of projects half finished? This time, I am doing it start to end. Watching them come together is extremely satisifying and I hope you’ll follow along.

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