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How to get your own custom ring

Nicole Santi

Have you been wanting a custom piece of jewelry made for you? Weren’t sure how to go about ordering one? I thought I would take some time today to walk you through that process. 

Sometimes on my Instagram profile you’ll find that it says customs are open or you’ll see an announced date as to when I’ll be accepting new custom orders. If it says customs are open, DM me or email to let me know you are interested in getting something made! If you see a date, know that I will be sending an email  reminder the day before. Not on the email list? Head back to the home page at the bottom to sign up. 

You sent an DM or email, now what?? 

Well first I do a little happy dance because you have chosen me! For real, thank you!

Next, we will go over some key information. Like budget, stone preference.

Some people know what kind of stone they want or what color. Other times not so much, and that’s okay too! I can't make a choice to save my life (Libra)

I'll ask for a budget range. Once that is established I move forward by sending you pics of stones in your range. If I don’t have a specific gemstone you’re looking for, I’ll search around for ones in your budget and send you pics to see if you like anything. I love to shop stones, I spend way too much time looking at stones. 

Next, I will give you a starting price for what I call a simple classic design. Once you approve, we get started on design ideas. Are we keeping it simple or adding silver embellishments to the classic set up? If you don’t have ideas in mind, no biggie I can design something for you. 

First time clients I will ask for a small deposit and the rest will be due as I put the band on. (I do accept payment plans, just work it out with me ahead of time).

As of right now, I am finishing my custom list and working on stock for a Milwaukee show June 13th (more on that to come if you’re local). I will be taking on new orders come June 3rd so be on the lookout for that email announcement! 

Sometimes you may come to me with something I cannot do. If it’s not in my wheelhouse or within capabilities I will let you know. I will do my best to match you up with other smiths I know and trust. 

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