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This week I’m coming to you from Florida. We make our yearly trek here to visit family and stay at their beautiful beach house on the inter coastal waters. It’s one of my favorite places because of the view. Every morning I sit out on the back patio, soak in the warmth, smell the salty air all while I sip my coffee. I leave my phone inside and sit with my thoughts. Did I mention the view of passing boats and dolphins from this patio? Last year this time I wasn’t that far into my silversmithing journey. It really started to pick up after I got home well rested and ready to work. This year, I really miss my bench. Not that I am not enjoying my time here. Believe me I am. But when I’m there, it doesn’t feel like work. Not even a little bit. I love every aspect of it, and think of it often throughout my day when I’m not smithing.

There are times I sit down and run my fingers gently over my stones, admiring the beauty of nature while letting them speak to me. They tell me what they would like to become.  When I started my business, I did it the safe way. I kept working while I created on the side. It often felt more like a hobby that’s a business. But the further into my venture the more I felt more like a business owner and less like a hobbyist. And with each transition - beadwork, to electroforming, to silversmithing I get a step closer to where I want to be. Working with silver is definitely it. It has my heart and soul. I don’t think I will ever fully leave electorming with copper behind but I know silver is my future.

What you may not see is the thought and effort I have put in to build a brand. What is it that I want people to think when they see my work? I’ve worked hard on this and have weaved it into different processes such as, photography, packaging (ie, moving to recycled packaging) booth display, and jewelry design. It pushes me to create a vision and bring it to life. As I move Blue Sparrow into the future it will be an evolving process. Something I’m careful to consider. So when you decide to purchase from me, just know from design to execution to your front door lots of love, passion, countless hours and daydreaming have gone in to get it there. 

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  • I cant wait to order from you!!!!!!

    melissa Evans

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