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Purple Labradorite

Nicole Santi

Who here loves purple? Pink? Orange? Blue? Then purple Labradorite is the stone for you! The beautiful purple variety I just added to my Made to Order section of my shop has the most gorgeous combinations of all these colors. If you are new to Labradorite, it reminds me of Opal with its different iridescent flashes. Different lighting will produce the different colors. 

Labradorite is full of protective and healing properties. Not only does it help to protect your aura from unwanted energies. It prevents energy leakage. If you’re anything like me, being in crowds will drain you. There are people out there who naturally use your energy to fuel themselves. Labradorite can help to protect you. Something else I have learned along the way is to imagine yourself in a yellow bubble. The color yellow has been known to hold the same protection. Using a yellow shield can help you hold on to your energy and leave you feeling less drained when in the public or around energy thieves. Using a yellow force field can take practice. Until you get good at doing so, you can use Labradorite as your protection. 

*I am not a physician and crystals should not be a substitute for treating or diagnosing an illness. 

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