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White Buffalo Gemstone

Beautiful, coveted, rare. These are a few qualities that make White Buffalo highly sought after. Did you know that it’s technically not a turquoise? It is often referred to as turquoise because it was discovered in the Dry Creek (turquoise) Mine on the Shoshone Indian Reservation located near Battle Mountain in Nevada. I have read Native American’s named it White Buffalo because they thought it’s beauty was rare and pure just like a white buffalo. Why is it rare? It is the only mine known in existence to produce this gemstone. The mine is owned by the Otteson family and I buy direct from them. They are very sweet in case you are wondering. 

Why isn’t White Buffalo a turquoise? Turquoise contains heavy metals such as copper, zinc, and or iron which is what gives it the beautiful blue, green, and yellow coloring. White Buffalo isn’t always completely white, it can be found with black and brown coloring. This is the presence of a quartz material.  Although beautiful I prefer it with some black and or brown.

Who knows when the mine will run dry. But I do know it is an absolute favorite of mine and I wear my White Buffalo ring every day. Every time it catches my eye, I smile and my mood feels lighter. It’s amazing what jewelry can do for us. I don’t always carry this material. If you see it in my store and you love it as much I do grab it while you can! Click for my Made to Order section to see what I have in stock. 


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