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Distant Reiki Sessions

What is a distance session and what is to be expected?

Distance Reiki allows you, the recipient, to feel the exact same effectiveness as an in-person session. Think of a wifi router in your home. It uses energy to send a signal to your phone or tv to allow you internet access. Distance Reiki uses intention and the distance symbol learned in level 2 Reiki to be able to channel Reiki from me, the practitioner, to you no matter the distance between us. The session will start with a 5 minute zoom meeting or phone consultation. Then you will sit or lay down in a comfortable position to receive the energy. I recommend finding a place as free from distractions as possible.

Distance Reiki healing is a versatile method that can be directed towards people, places, animals, or even specific time periods. It’s ideal for those that can’t leave their house, or who don’t live near a Reiki practice, or people in general who just prefer to be in the comfort of their own home This is helpful in times like this when you need to release stress, fear and get balanced even if you cannot physically come to receive Reiki.  We can schedule a call for Immediately after to discuss the session or we can schedule a later time as many prefer to fall asleep and stay relaxed after.