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FAQ's Permanent Jewelry

Can I take my chain off? - Yes your chain can be removed by clipping the jump ring with kitchen shears or toe nail clippers

Can a clasp be added? Yes. When you decide you no longer want to have your permanent jewelry chain on, you can clip it off. Save the chain and bring it to my shop and I will attach a small but mighty magnetic clasp for a $10-$15 fee depending on the metal type. 

What happens if my chain comes off? These things happen and I will happily re-attach the first time for free. Anything after that is $10. 

My chain came off but you didn't put it on, can I still come and get it re-attached? Totally, this will come with a $10 fee. 

What happens if I need a medical procedure and they have to take the chain off? Clip it off and safely store it. After the procedure when you are feeling better, make an appointment and I will re-attach it for free. 

Can I shower and swim with my chain? Totally! However constant hot tub use will degrade the gold quicker. Also try to keep chains away from lotions and sunscreens as some types have an ingredient that will wear the gold away quicker. However, I use sunscreen on myself and my kids (who have chains) and I have seen no wear or tear on my 14k gold fill chain. 

What is the age minimum? 17 and younger will need parents/guardians permission. If you decide to put a chain on your younger child a clasp with an extender can be added as the child grows. 

How do you accept payment? I accept credit/debit card, cash, venmo