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What is Reiki

Meet your practitioner 

Hi I’m Niki, your Reiki Energy Healer. It is my absolute pleasure to hold space for your journey during our sessions. A Reiki treatment can come with some pretty big energetic releases and I will be by your side to help you through them. I’ve been intuitive my whole life which presents itself as a deep sense of knowing/feeling, and hearing. It was during a sound bath I heard the word Reiki spoken to me. I’ve never experienced a Reiki session before then but after researching, I knew without a doubt it was for me. I completed my Master/Teacher level Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method and the more I channel Reiki, the more profound my intuition becomes.

Reiki is a part of my daily life. I wake up with it, I fall asleep to it and find many uses for it throughout my day. My goal is to help get your body relaxed so that it can work on repairing what it hasn’t gotten a chance to due to stress, anxiety, fatigue, and exhaustion. When the body is in a calm state that is when optimal healing takes place. I work with all people of all ages. I am a certified animal Reiki practitioner and soon to be certified in Crystal Reiki. I have had a love of crystals my whole life and have been a metalsmith for 7 years creating crystal and gemstone jewelry for the free spirited souls out there. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

What is reiki?
Reiki (ray-kee) is a Japanese technique for a holistic healing system. A Reiki practitioner uses intention and gentle hand movements to guide the flow of life force energy through one’s body to reduce tension, pain and anxiety. Reiki helps to promote the recipient's natural healing system by boosting the immune system and working through energetic blockages inside the body. It's a great alternative therapy for everyone, especially those going through treatments which have made the body sensitive/painful to touch.